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TenaTac® is a novel surgical haemostat that controls bleeding and adheres securely to the wound site to prevent displacement, reducing the risk of post-operative bleeding.

TenaTac is approved as a Class III medical device in Europe and patented worldwide.

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TenaTac has many advantages over current surgical haemostats

Easy to use/use dry

Strong adhesion

Fills uneven defects

Defies gravity

Stays in place for post-operative security

No blood derived proteins

No chemically reactive ingredients

Biocompatible gelatin

How it works

TenaTac is applied dry and works by conforming to the wound and minimising shear forces in order to greatly increase adhesion and prevent dislodgement during or after surgery


Over 1000 miniature foam columns massively increase surface area

TenaTac’s physical surface modification replaces the expensive blood-derived ingredients and reactive chemicals utilised in competing products