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Real world clinical evaluations

TenaTac has been evaluated in 63 surgical procedures. Surgeons completed a structured assessment form and the results are summarised in the tables below.

96% of surgeons recommended TenaTac after use.

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Graph showing surgeon rating of TenaTac for each of seven attributes tested
TenaTac was evaluated in a wide range of surgical procedures, including:
Type of procedure
Hepatic resection 14
Bowel, bladder or gynecological resections 9

Arterial vascular procedures

Neurosurgery (e.g craniotomy) 6
Spinal surgery 6
Cholecystectomy 5
Lung resection 4
Nephrectomy 4
Resection pelvic or thoracic wall for cancer 4
Head & neck surgery 3
Total 63

9 of the surgeries were minimally invasive while the rest were open surgeries

Preclinical studies

TenaTac has been evaluated in porcine and leporine models. In multiple liver haemostasis models, the product has demonstrated excellent adhesion and haemostatic efficacy (Data on file).

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The tolerability and absorption of TenaTac was tested in a GLP/ISO compliant study in a porcine model over 42 days. This study demonstrated good tolerability and absorption within 14 days (Data on file).

TenaTac demonstrates significantly stronger tissue adhesion than a market leading adhesive patch